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Structured Cabling


Structured Cabling

CWT provides robust solutions for structured cabling.

Structured cabling has a very important role in ever increasing digital world we are living in, which requires a robust cabling structure to set up even last mile wireless network. In order to gain the best possible throughput, we need a strong backbone of wired cabling to ensure the data we use or need is provided in complete packets and seamless without any legacy or breakdown. This physical server which stores the information and these servers through the network system requires a structured cabling system to ensure we get secure and sound data in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Structured cabling is a streamlined, well managed system of cabling for your digital infrastructure which can grow in an organized way with the growth of more data requirements in the future. It works with patch panels and trunks. All hardware is connected to the main distribution area or MDA, which acts as a hub for all the information that needs to move from one point to another.

Structured cabling is an efficiently devised system, which can be modified at the time of need in an efficient, cost effective manner. This means, rather than changing a set of cables, now we can unplug and replug with the new tech and keep evolving for future needs.

Increasing needs for data and digital resources will require an efficient solution of structured cabling. Such as a higher need for audio, and visual streaming support, and the need for fiber optic cabling for better connection speed. Higher grade data centers require structured cabling. Getting better though put from Wi-Fi and other communication and data needs for surveillance and security operations.

CWT helps streamline your future needs of infrastructure through efficient solutions such as structured cabling and we fit to the needs of the enterprise, large scale to medium to small size companies.