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Public Address


Public Address

Our public address (PA) systems enable you to effectively connect with your audience whether you're making daily in-store announcements, an emergency broadcast to evacuate your premises or a promotion you wish to share (for instance citizens, students, customers, or staff).

Every time, make announcements that are audible and clear.

CWT, PA systems let you mix live or recorded announcements during both routine business operations and emergency situations. A PA system from CWT ensures effective communication whenever you need it and is designed to aid your company in maintaining employee safety and security and enhancing operational effectiveness. Additionally, 2-way audio talk-back makes it possible to converse with individuals nearby. This versatile and adaptable solution connects to the regular network to give you all the advantages of network audio and is perfect for both paging a specific person or location and delivering voice messages to numerous zones.

Our adaptable, user-friendly PA systems provide simple content control, zoning, and scheduling management with remarkable performance and dependability. Your material can be planned and scheduled, and the software makes changing the scheduling simple. Additionally, you can order the content such that live voice messages always come first. For increased safety and security, this makes sure that urgent information, including emergency announcements, is always provided swiftly. Additionally, it is compatible with bell scheduling systems, making it perfect for universities and schools.


An audio system's speakers can be addressed individually or collectively to create larger zones. You can create zones on sites with various speakers so that your announcements are directed at particular audiences. For instance, you can page a particular person or address your message to everyone on a site or zone. It is simple to modify the software's zone setup such that zones can be changed remotely in real time without physical wiring. Additionally, going onsite is no longer necessary. Our audio for PA solutions provides a cost-effective method of system design that enables you to quickly alter the scheduling and zoning of content—ideal for last-minute modifications as well as unanticipated future events.

Our PA systems are made to suit a variety of applications and functions, including those found in schools, retail establishments, hotels, and public buildings. You can efficiently send live, planned, or triggered messages during routine daily operations, in an emergency, or to thwart undesirable behaviour. These technologies are simple to combine with other platforms, including VoIP, access control, and video surveillance. Additionally, background music can be played on the same PA system, which helps to set the mood and boost visitor pleasure.

Our network audio systems can be centrally controlled and connected to common IP networks. This enables testing, maintenance, and troubleshooting to be carried out remotely, saving you time and money. Additionally, our IP speakers come with preconfigured digital sound processing to guarantee the best sound quality possible in any setting. Your system, audio devices, and speakers can all be tested remotely thanks to the built-in microphone, saving you from potentially expensive site visits. Therefore, you can always rest certain that your system is completely functional and available whenever you need it, whether it's required for emergencies or routine everyday operations.