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IP Telephony


IP Telephony

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Through CWT, connecting with clients is made easier when using IP telephony (Internet Protocol telephony), which also increases the value of interactions and customisation with rich media and video. Your IP telephony network is being developed and installed by Bailey Communications, a pioneer in the field.

By removing barriers like distance and overcoming conventional challenges, Bailey Communications' design and installation of your IP Telephony system makes successful cooperation possible. Our IP telephony solutions will enable information sharing and improved conversations, which will ultimately result in better decisions and corporate expansion.

IP Telephony (Internet Protocol Telephony) is a technology that replaces the public switched telephone network's dedicated circuit-switched connections with packet-switched connections provided by the Internet Protocol to exchange voice, fax, and other types of information (PSTN). Calls move reliably to the user on shared lines as data packets.

Benefits of IP Telephony

Improved Communication

Connect your IP phone system to your other enterprise software.

More than just internet-based phone service is VOiP. Certainly, it converts analogue phone signals into digital signals that can be transmitted via a network. However, this technology also includes desktop sharing, video, and data conferencing. Compared to the typical phone lines used by conventional phone providers, VOiP is a more cost-effective method of communication.

Saving money and flexibility
Decreased long-distance fees
Lower travel expenses
Speech and data on the same network

Regardless of location, portability
You can take your entire phone system with you.

Rich Media Services

Video calls
Video Conference

Present Auto Attendant

Call time and volume
Online Call Observation
Configure or add extensions

CWT is the service provider you should choose if your company is seeking for IP technology solutions that will help you get a competitive advantage. Our skilled and qualified staff will offer your business the most cutting-edge solutions on the market while also making sure that your IP telephony system satisfies both your present and future requirements. Keep in mind our Customer Support Agreement, please! You won't ever have to worry about downtime or higher costs after choosing your service level.

For schools, nonprofits, and private enterprises, CWT is a top supplier of network solutions and interactive classrooms. We offer comprehensive solutions that satisfy your needs and safeguard your financial capital. We pinpoint, carry out, and manage your requirements while keeping you on the cutting edge of technology and within budget.