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Data Centre Cleaning


Data Centre Cleaning

Cleaning the Computer Room

Whether your data centre or computer room is a tiny closet or a massive complex, it must be kept clean to protect the staff's health, the equipment, and the aesthetics of the surrounding area. CWT data cleaning team carries out three fundamental tasks alone or in combinations to maintain your computer room's top functionality. These three services include top of floor cleaning, underfloor plenum cleaning, and outside hardware cleaning. Combinations of these services are typically provided on a regular basis, once year to once every day. In response to floods or other calamities, or to get ready for equipment installation following construction, these same services and variants are carried out

Cleaning Exterior Hardware

CWT offers tried-and-true methods to purge your controlled environment of dirt, dust, and other impurities. not just the visible ones, but more significantly, the concealed ones that you can't see. CWT’s certified specialists utilise specialised cleaning solutions that are safe for the environment and have been proven effective on the components used to make contemporary technological equipment. Even the smallest microparticles are eliminated from your facility by our HEPA filtered vacuums, which are certified to 0.3 microns.

Every precautionary measure conceivable has been taken to prevent injury or interference with your surgery. A CWT technician must successfully finish an extensive training programme before being sent into the field. They learn specific cleaning methods and the right ways to operate around your delicate electrical equipment during training.

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Cleaning of Floor Tops

The flooring in computer rooms is made to disperse static charge by offering a conductive path to ground. The ability of computer flooring to disperse static is significantly reduced by dirt on top of and ground into the floor. Your floor could delaminate or crack as a result of improper cleaning. CWT has created specialised cleaning products that effectively clean all varieties of tile and carpeted floor surfaces without harming them

Cleaning of Underfloor Plenum

The plenum beneath the elevated flooring is the computer room's lifeline. The delicate equipment above receives cool, filtered air from this plenum. The plenum, unfortunately, is the area most susceptible to dirt and dust because of gravity. If these impurities are allowed to build up, the circulating air conditioning, which is so essential to the operation of your equipment, will sweep them up and carry them to your equipment. Clogged circuits, a higher danger of fire, unintentional fire suppressant discharge, and various health issues are all effects of contaminated airflow. The underfloor cleaning service provided by CWT team helps in shielding your equipment from these and other risks. Our cleaning also passes many insurance audits and could lower insurance costs.