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Data Center Relocation & Installations


Data Center Relocation & Installations

Key Statement of Data Centre Migration

A vital component of contemporary civilization, data centres connect technology platforms to allow consumers and businesses to expedite product orders, monitor security, host customer systems, and provide a wide range of essential services that influence modern life. Enterprise technology permeates daily life, necessitating a high level of consistency and reliability. As a result, technology platforms must operate with little to no downtime, even during operational modifications and migration efforts. To guarantee that end-to-end scope commitments are met, all physical hardware needs in the corporate raised floor environment must be carefully designed with security, schedule, hardware sensitivity, OEM services, continuity, and an overall holistic approach

CWT provides extensive services geared toward the efficient execution of equipment installations and data centre transfer projects. The CWT team has a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record of success in the raised floor industry. CWT can give access to specialised transportation services, warehousing, packing, and storage across the nation as a member of a nationwide logistics network. CWT provides coverage in every region of the United States thanks to a substantial network of skilled technicians in the majority of large and medium-sized cities.

At CWT we are experts in hardware and technical services such as cabling, rack relocation, secure data destruction, equipment install/de-install, and data centre migrations. CWT provides these services over all of KSA/ Middle East region, as well as a few limited technical service options and logistics help for international relocation needs. CWT employs a huge network of project managers and data centre specialists who are skilled and knowledgeable in enterprise IT services and data centre migrations. Together with our logistics fleet and skilled packers, movers, and drivers, these technicians and project managers provide the customer with a flawless, turn-key, end-to-end data centre transfer project. To accommodate any customer's needs, CWT offers adaptable data destruction services, together with a fully auditable certificate and serialised inventory. Degaussing, shredding, and software data overwriting are the three (3) secure data destruction techniques used by CWT. CWT offers solutions to fit projects of any scale, whether they require one piece of media or thousands.

In addition to other services, CWT is able to offer pre-migration assessments, consultation services, relocation planning in collaboration with the client team, move-day execution, post-move assistance, equipment decommissioning and data destruction, as well as foreign services.