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Data Center Infrastructure


Data Center Infrastructure

CWT enables upgrading and innovation in data centres.

Infrastructure for data centres is always changing. Keysight can assist you at every level of the product development process, including design and simulation, analysis, debugging, and compliance testing, to improve the performance and shorten the time to market of your data centre and network innovations.

Infrastructure Modernization and Innovation in Data Centers is always on the cards. New computational and performance requirements are being placed on the data centre by emerging technologies like 5G, AI, VR, the Internet of Things (IoT), and autonomous vehicles. These technologies also generate enormous amounts of data in the network.

From physical Layer 1 testing to complete Layers 2–7 network testing, including validation and traffic loading for software-defined networking (SDN)/network functions virtualization (NFV), we provide the broadest range of data centre test solutions available. We hasten the development of data centre infrastructure so you may concentrate on the quick rollout of new services.

Components and Transceivers for Data Centers

Currently, many data centres are operating at full capacity. To achieve 400GE speeds, data centre operators must discover a way to enhance channel bandwidth. Equally crucial is lowering power consumption per bit. In order to upgrade to the next generation speed class, data centre operators are turning to transceiver manufacturers.

A completely new set of tests are necessary for the upgrade from 100GE to 400GE. Testing 400GE components and transceivers is difficult and presents additional testing difficulties. You wish to upgrade to next-generation transceivers so that you can expand channel capacity, ensure quality and compatibility, cut down on test time and expense, and boost test efficiency. We can assist you with hastening transceiver innovation.

Virtualization and SDN/NFV

For more flexible and economical deployments, businesses and service providers are switching to network infrastructures that are virtualized and SDN enabled. The transition to highly scalable, adaptable, and open standard network designs is made possible by SDN and NFV.

You need complete visibility into your virtualized network and data as you transition your data centre from physical to virtual infrastructure in order to maintain or enhance the quality of service for your customers. To monitor application performance and ensure that your data travels over the network in the manner you intended, you need visibility access. We hasten your transition to SDN/NFV and guarantee the success of virtualization.

Design of High-Speed Digital Systems

“The unanticipated” becomes the norm when digital signals are transmitted at gigabit speeds. You have considerably less time today’s fast-paced and demanding atmosphere to comprehend the subtleties of the technologies you are testing. Every generational shift introduces new risks to digital standards.

Throughout all phases of product development, including design and simulation, analysis, debugging, and compliance testing, you must test your high-speed digital designs and data centre components. We can assist you in finding issues, enhancing performance, and quickening the time to market for your gigabit digital designs.

Telecom Devices and Components

As a network operator, you must build an infrastructure that gives the appearance of infinite capacity at all times. Coherent optical test solutions that give in-depth explanations of complex modulated optical signals at the physical layer are necessary. We can assist you in creating a network architecture for your data centres that can handle rising user needs.