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Data Center Facility Management


Data Center Facility Management

As a premier supplier of integrated solutions for data centre operations and maintenance, CWT is committed to assisting our clients in meeting the expectations of a society that is becoming more and more connected world. We give a set of solutions designed for the twenty-first century by combining a wide service portfolio with one of the most scalable end-to-end data centre management systems in the world. We mix performance and partnership across a wide range of services to provide you with a trustworthy one-stop shop for all of your data centre management requirements.

Telephony over IP

Voice conversations and multimedia sessions are transferred through Internet Protocol (IP) networks, including the Internet, using communication protocols and transmission mechanisms. IP telephony, Internet telephony, voice over broadband (VoBB), broadband telephony, and broadband phone are some additional terms frequently used to refer to VoIP.

Airports, government buildings, the commercial sector, and even royal palaces are among the notable clientele that CWT presently serves with its comprehensive solutions utilising this technology.

System of Structured Cabling

For entire premise wiring and structured network cabling design, installation, testing, and more, CWT has the knowledge you require. You can now rely on a single source to assist make sure your network's physical layer architecture supports it and, ultimately, your business objectives.
In order to create a plan that includes recommendations for wiring, cable type, and performance, we must first fully comprehend your network's requirements. Next, we finish the installation using our own engineers in accordance with TIA standards, code requirements, and fire laws.
To complete the solution, we also offer cable management, testing, documentation, and warranty. Among the services offered by structured network cabling are phone, data, and video cabling. Services for both new construction and site renovation, planning and designing the physical layer, including project management, advising, and the creation of cabling standards. Design and construction of telecommunications rooms and data centres, cable trays and raceways, wall-mount and free-standing cabinets and racks, patch cords, patch panels, and termination blocks