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Access Control


Access Control

CWT provides access control systems

CWT provides access control systems that best serve your changing demands in the constantly shifting security landscape, regardless of whether you run a small business or a large international corporation. The first step is a feature-rich, contemporary access control system. You can synthesise data in a single user interface by integrating your CWT access control system with video management, intrusion alarms, building systems, business systems, and more to improve security, safety, building health, and operational efficiency. Your security system setup should take into account the needs of your organisation, IT, and system operators. We can assist you in meeting business goals with a variety of deployment choices, including browser-based applications, simple-to-install network appliances, and the cloud.

Open Up Your Options

You can completely optimise your CWT access control system to match your security and operational demands thanks to over 200 certified product interfaces and an open API. Additionally, our team of professionals is always willing to assist you if you need help with a particularly difficult problem.

Adapt Older Systems

Older access control systems may have fewer features, be more vulnerable, and be more expensive to maintain. Our contemporary access control systems offer cutting-edge functions, continual cybersecurity improvements, and automatic software updates. Utilizing existing infrastructure can reduce costs and downtime during an update.