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‘My personal Boyfriend Was Born in 1999’: Mom, Aged 41, Defends Age-Gap connection

It’s not unheard of for male Hollywood movie stars currently, or even marry, someone who is notably more youthful. But a mom-of-two from Denmark claims absolutely a stigma attached to
earlier women that date younger men

Tina Kubinska Slott, 41, talked to

about her relationship with her boyfriend, Kasper Borum, a 23-year-old pupil. Despite “looking and experiencing younger,” Tina still is at the mercy of judgment from others who assume Kasper features “mommy problems.”

Nevertheless the workplace worker insists the woman boyfriend doesn’t anticipate her to produce significantly more than a fair share of family work or psychological service.

Tina Kubinska Slott, 41, and sweetheart Kasper Borum, who is 18 many years the woman junior.

An Oakland University
shared more youthful men and women condemn relationships where the man is older—more than the elderly. The 2018 learn additionally revealed that “woman-older relationships obtain reduced third-party ranks of acceptability.”

Tina and Kasper described that strangers usually assume their unique union is actually transactional.

“most of the time it is wealthy old guys with little girls, they feel one has to end up being wealthy that is why these are typically during the relationship—but there are plenty of those who are in an age-gap connection are living a standard existence,” Tina, who’s from Copenhagen, mentioned.

“if it is a mature man with a younger girl it is not a problem. But instantly, if a younger man loves earlier females, then he is actually accused of getting ‘mommy dilemmas.’ We never ever look for me mothering him, if something, the guy appears completely for my situation much more as he features even more extra time,” she said.

Tina stated they split the bill oftentimes, but she does treat Kasper every single other thirty days.

She stated: “Kasper hasn’t got similar sum of money as me because he could be a finance student. But i enjoy head out for nice food so sometimes i am going to shell out a bit more. I really don’t mind anyway.”

Kasper, who is from Aarhus, Denmark, told

: “a lot of people think i am contained in this relationship for money. But that isn’t real. I am able to pay money for myself, and in case somebody covers myself i really do feel bad regarding it.”

Kasper Borum, 23, and Tina Kubinska Slott, 41, started dating in January 2022.


A recently available Ipsos
revealed that sixty percent of 1,005 Americans surveyed still find it acceptable for a lady to date someone 10-plus many years more youthful than this lady. The poll found that physical elegance and open-mindedness will be the top identified advantages of matchmaking younger, while psychological maturity and financial liberty are leading imagined benefits associated with dating earlier.

“You will find not ever been in an age-gap relationship before,” said Kasper, “but I have usually appreciated older females. There are two main big distinctions when you compare connections with somebody my personal get older and the one We have with Tina.

“formerly, I decided I happened to be getting used straight back when I work-out 5 to 6 days weekly which uses up considerable time and this was actually a challenge. Whereas Tina allows it and does not get jealous or enable it to be a challenge. I have found girls my age overthink more when I are implicated of going to the gym to get physical fitness girls that i did not even comprehend existed.

Few Kasper Borum, 23, and Tina Kubinska Slott, 41, said they are evaluated by trolls due to their get older difference.


“Another big difference will be the readiness, earlier women convey more existence encounters so they really are more positive and unfazed by other’s views so I really appreciate that.”

Tina stated she divorced her ex-husband in 2018 and downloaded the internet dating application Tinder. She obtained “lots of offers from more youthful men and discovered it interesting.”

“at first, Kasper and I also started speaking on Tinder for a touch of fun. But then we understood we have really in keeping, such as for instance our spontaneity and gym. We spoke for example month before satisfying upwards. I have a look at him as one instead of give attention to his age.

“My main concern was actually my children as my personal daughter is just eight years more youthful than him. But she thinks truly cool and likes that he’s young while he can relate with a lot of things.

“my buddies were amazed, but now they find it as normal.”

The happy couple has since come to be a hit online and regularly goes viral. Here’s a
video clip
captioned: “Me vs my sweetheart in 1999.”

Kasper included: “My girl seems more youthful than this woman is, therefore I don’t believe folks stare much. And when they actually do, Really don’t notice it. But if we cared about other individuals’ views, I wouldn’t take an age-gap commitment.”

“my buddies are extremely open-minded and a few gave me a top five while I showed them Tina. My children is fairly various about this. My father laughed while I told him the woman get older, but my mummy, who’s 13 years over the age of Tina, has not accepted it.”

While this couple could not end up being more content, an age-gap connection does have their troubles. Dating specialist
Emyli Lovz
does not recommend an age space of 10-plus years if someone wants a “lifelong partner.”

She told

: “The reason is the guide factors are going to be very different. Someone that lived through September 11th, eg, has essential guide factors from that point that a person whom didn’t wont understand.

“The same goes for music tastes, flick recommendations, as well as other important compatibility factors, rendering it tough to comprehend one another fully. In time, these variations trigger a breakdown within the commitment. However, if someone actually selecting long-lasting, then age-gap interactions could make good sense.”

Tina Kubinska Slott, 41, and Kasper Borum, 23, hope their tale normalizes age-gap connections.


Tina admitted that the few often provides “different views and opinions” as a result of the get older difference.

“i actually do do have more existence knowledge,” she mentioned, “and so sometimes I can tell him how I notice it from my personal viewpoint. In my opinion he discovers from me when I have significantly more life knowledge but We have in addition discovered from him.

“he’s got trained myself that you do not need to use existence also severely, often he becomes me up-and out of our home to complete some thing enjoyable without house duties.

“I never ever stop him from becoming young and always motivate him having enjoyable.

“we never ever hold him as well as stop him from doing anything the guy wants to perform.”

Meanwhile, the earlier person in an age-gap relationship should fight “giving guidance when unprompted,” based on Lovz.

“it is critical to stay away from making statements about how you would imagine his existence is going. And stay away from performing circumstances for him he can do themselves. Because you are more mature doesn’t mean the guy must follow within footsteps. He is his own guy and may get the independence and regard to help make his personal decisions, even although you understand the consequences may possibly not be ideal. Which is necessary for him to achieve.”

Modify 11/04/22, 12:31 p.m. ET: this particular article was upgraded to include a video from Tina’s TikTok membership.

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